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What nail color visually reduces the nail

In today’s world, girls are increasingly refusing long nails in favor of short nails: they are more convenient to work with and for them, it is easier to care for. But many people who would be glad to have long nails, not always can grow them for various reasons – because of brittle or weak nail plate or a lack of vitamins. If you want to visually lengthen your fingers, you can use a few techniques that will help short nails look longer and make your hands more elegant.

General rules for a beautiful manicure on short nails

Apply nail polish properly.

Another important detail, if you want to make your nails visually longer, is to apply nail polish correctly. The master pays attention to the shape of the nails and then paints in this way: pointed or rectangular nails with a narrow shape are painted completely, because this shape already makes the nails longer. But if the nail shape is wide, it is better to paint in the center of the nail, leaving the sides untouched.

Get the right nail shape

Be sure to pick the right nail shape. To lengthen the nails, a soft square or classic oval is a win-win option. The length should be longer than the widest part of the nail plate.

But the shape of the hand can also affect the choice of nail shape. So, if you possess short fingers with wide nails, give your nails a round shape. The oval manicure is suitable for these hands, because it can visually lengthen the fingers.

The square shape of the nails is well suited for thin and long fingers. If you are afraid that the corners will be broken, make the square nails shorter. A pointed nail shape is also suitable for thin fingers.

What nail color visually reduces the nail

Manicure plays an important role in the formation of a stylish image. The right shape and design will visually lengthen the fingers and make the hands look neater. But there are also types of manicures that visually shorten fingers and nails.

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Soft square.

This shape is now popular, it suits almost all girls. However, it is better to use it on long nails, as the rounded ends will visually shorten the fingers.

As an alternative, the following shapes are suitable:

Almond-shaped – the plate, tapering to the end, will visually lengthen the fingers;

Oval – the shape is universal: it will not only lengthen the nail, but also make it stronger due to the absence of pronounced corners and the tip.

Simple colors

A monochrome manicure is the best option for short nails. Nude shades and pastel tones remain topical. If you want to add color, but not to switch to flashy shades, pick up the nail polish on 2-3 shades lighter than the skin.

Experiment with colors, but do it properly. Try to avoid bright and dark shades, especially for matte finish: red, blue, dark green and black. On short nails, a saturated tone looks heavy. Opt for halftones and a glossy texture: this way, your hands will look laconic and elegant.

The ombré technique, which mixes two contrasting shades, is suitable for decoration. Light shades are applied closer to the cuticle, and darker shades are used to highlight the tip of the plate.

Glitter and nacre

They are used for drawings, stamping, highlighting one finger or a hole. Long nails benefit from the abundance of shiny images and patterns, but such decorations are not suitable for short nails.

Avoid polishes with sequins and glitters, waxes, mirror and chrome manicures, the effect of metallic and “steel” coating – they make nails shorter. If you want to add brightness, use the technique “cat’s eye.

For small nails are suitable for simple designs that can be varied with sequins: dots, stripes, inscriptions, small drawings. Sparkles can highlight the tips in the technique in French.

Three-dimensional drawing

Volumetric drawings create an unusual individual design. Images of flora and fauna, abstraction and other symbols are popular. Such a drawing, located on the entire nail plate, looks garish and inappropriate. Nevertheless, individual elements of the composition closer to the tips are still acceptable. For example, plans drawn on a monochrome white coating will look gentle and fresh.

If you want to diversify the composition with a drawing or pattern, use stamping. Choose small images and dot them on the fingers that you want to highlight the most. Try to imprint the pattern closer to the middle or tip.

The marbled effect is on trend: involuntary thin lines and highlights are a great alternative to classic patterns. In order not to overdo it with an abundance of details, take white as a base and highlight the ring and middle finger with a marble texture. On the second hand, replace the middle finger decor with geometrics.

Lots of geometry

Geometry looks stylish and elegant, but its abundance is allowed only on long nails. In other cases, the master needs to be more careful with this technique.

Dots and arrows pointing to the cuticle are popular on small nails. Visually elongate the brush and transparent areas in the form of geometric shapes.

Choose designs that are dominated by lines: vertical and diagonal. With the latter, you can create interesting compositions, for example, playing with the color of the stripes. Use white as a base coating, and draw the lines in green, gold, red or black shades. Contrasting colors and a successful arrangement of geometry will visually lengthen the nail and diversify the usual manicure.

nail color


Many girls give preference to rhinestones and stones, complementing the patterns with them. On short nails, an abundance of rhinestones look bulky and unnatural, but that does not mean that the stones should be abandoned altogether.

Choose a monochrome nude coating and fix a small stone in the well. For example, on your ring finger or index finger. The element will look neat and stylish.

Horizontal lines

A trend that hasn’t lost its relevance for several years. Minimalist design successfully emphasizes the brushes and suits fans of stylish manicure. But horizontal stripes will not emphasize short nails: visually, they will make the nail plate even wider and shorter.

Use vertical lines to elongate your nails. Choose black or white nail polish for better tracing. The main task: create a contrast between the base coat and the design.

Classic French

French manicure – a great option for girls who appreciate brevity and elegance. Classic French will emphasize long nails. On the short, on the contrary, it looks inappropriate and rude.

As an alternative, try the improved version of the French, which helps to visually lengthen your nails: apply lacquer to the main plate in the tone of the skin, and trace a thin white line on the tip. Manicure will hide imperfections of hands and will look appropriate with any image.

How do you make your fingers look skinnier?

There are many ways you can make your fingers look skinnier without any extra effort. You can use makeup tricks or products that will help you achieve this goal. Here are some tips and tricks that will make your fingers look more slender:
Keep your nails short
Use a lighter shade of nail polish
Apply a nude or pink nail polish
Use a dark colored eye shadow on the ring finger only.

What nail style is good for chubby fingers?

The best nail style for chubby fingers is a simple one. Since the nails are already short, it’s better to stick with a simple nail design that doesn’t require too much effort. A French manicure is always a good option because it’s not too complicated and requires only two colors — one light and one dark.