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What manicure men’s like

When preparing for a date, it is important to take care not only about the outfit, hairstyle and accessories, but also about the design of the nails. Manicure can either complement the romantic image, giving it tenderness and elegance, or ruin it. To avoid the latter scenario, you need to know what kind of manicure men’s like.

What color do men like

Most men find attractive light, natural shades that do not detract from the whole image, but only complement it. Among the favorite colors are beige, milky, soft pink and peach. From the brighter shades guys prefer red and burgundy.

Do men like French manicures?

French, this is exactly the classic manicure that men like in women, it is considered the most elegant and delicate of the possible design options. This style involves the use of light, neutral shades and white, emphasizes the tips of the nails. French design is associated with femininity.

Survey of men

A significant portion of respondents of different ages, in the survey stated that they rarely pay attention to manicure during a date. Despite this, they identify a number of preferences and stop signs that like or, conversely, repel.

Thus, most are attracted to a delicate monochrome design, designed in pastel colors. Matte burgundy and dark blue manicures are gaining popularity.

Scare away a man can too long nails, especially pointed shape, too bright, acidic colors, as well as an abundance of decorative elements: sequins, rhinestones, prints.

What manicure men's like

Poll, what color manicure like men:

  • Red 41.1%
  • Blue 19.96%
  • Beige 22.7%
  • Black 7.63%
  • White 8.61%

About favorite designs that men like, expressed including celebrities. For example, the host of the television channel “Friday!”

Among the attractive shades he singles out dark blue, burgundy and classic beige, and only ungroomed hands can scare him away.


Although the rating is always abstract and every guy has his own ideas about the perfect manicure, some designs they give more preference to. The best rating ideas are considered the following 10 nail design options according to statistics.

№10. Cat’s eye.

This is an interesting option for a date that will definitely not go unnoticed. It is best to choose light colors: white, pale pink and beige. In this case, you should refrain from an abundance of sequins, strasses and other decorative elements.

№9. Design with foil

Elements of silver or gold foil scattered chaotically on the plate give the manicure a special elegance, which guys really like. Experts recommend combining them with beige or milk polish.

№8. Geometry

When choosing this design, it is better to stick to minimalism. Popular manicure options – black cage on a white background, a composition of lines and triangles.

№7. Rhinestones

Most men agree that the abundance of rhinestones on the nails – it’s vulgarity. However, single shiny elements, located at the base of the nail, look quite feminine and sophisticated.

№6. Nude

This design involves the use of neutral shades as a base. To diversify it will help minimalist or abstract prints, stripes, a pattern in the style of quail eggs. Nude is that natural manicure color that men like the most.

№5. Ombré

A smooth transition from one shade to another is a design classic that will be appreciated by any man. Experts recommend using gentle tones, avoiding excessive brightness and a large number of decorative elements. The ombré effect in itself is an interesting decoration of the nails.

№4. Floral prints

Floral prints give the manicure a special tenderness and femininity. The main thing is that the flowers are in harmony with the design and do not occupy the entire space. To please a man, for an elegant image it is enough to have 1-2 prints on women’s nails.

№3. Saturated red

This is one of the most popular options, which does not go out of fashion for decades. Red manicure is liked by men, it will come the image of a special chic and sexy, even if there are no decorative elements on it.

№2. Matte burgundy.

This design looks the most elegant, combines with any length of nails and does not need additional decorations. If you want to diversify the decor, the best option will be a small amount of rhinestones on the well.

№1. French

According to men, it is the classic French manicure is the most attractive and sophisticated. Despite its simplicity, it gives women’s fingers a special tenderness and elegance.

Does the length matter?

A significant part of men admit that for them the best option is a medium or small size nails. A long manicure, especially with pointed ends, on the contrary, often causes dislike.

The winning option would be the middle nails of soft shape – oval or square with rounded ends.

Exciting manicure

If the purpose of the woman not simply to charm, but to gain the man, for exciting manicure in 2022 should choose the saturated and dark colors. Decorative elements in this case, as a rule, are superfluous: their number should be reduced to a minimum.

What manicure excites a man:

  • saturated red;
  • matte burgundy;
  • navy blue;
  • dusty rose + black pattern;
  • with a marble print;
  • dark purple;
  • soft pink with pearl wax.

Such a nail design will not be able to go unnoticed and will cause a special interest of a man in his partner.