blue nail polish

Blue color dress what color nail polish

Today we’re going to focus on the last item on that list, the last in location, but by no means the most important for creating the perfect woman’s image. After all, this is the important touch that makes it perfect and unusually attractive.

And don’t forget that just as hard as choosing the color of your manicure is just as hard to choose the color of the walls of your living room.

General recommendations for selecting a manicure design

There are general rules that will allow you not to get into trouble when choosing a design for your nails. Adhering to them, you will always look stylish and elegant.

Use a French manicure or nude and pastel shades

If you often change outfits or have a photo shoot coming up. These are versatile and win-win options: they will suit almost any outfit – summer, winter, classic, romantic, casual, etc.

Go for a classic red

If you still prefer a bright look. This is the choice that is always appropriate and always on-trend. Refuse to copy tone-on-tone with the color of the dress, otherwise your nails will simply be lost against the background of the outfit. The shade of nail polish should be a tone lighter or darker, even if you have French manicures on your nails.

Take into consideration the color of your skin and hair when choosing a manicure

Manicures according to your own color type are the most universal and reasonable option: warm shades suit warm color type, cool shades – cool ones. This does not mean that you have to give up half of your color palette forever. After all, the same color, like yellow, can be both warm (like yolk) and cold (like lemon).

Don’t use more than four colors in your nail design

Otherwise, you will look garish and garish. Multicolored nail art suits well to a monochrome dress, multicolored attire requires a monotonous manicure. The design is appropriate only on two nails, but not on all ten.

How to choose a manicure for a specific color of the dress

Let’s figure out what manicure is preferable to choose under a particular color of the outfit. Of course, it is impossible to consider all color options, so we will limit ourselves to the most popular colors.

Black dress

The black dress will suit the manicure of several colors and shades. Your choice can fall on:

  • White
  • Red classic
  • Bordeaux
  • French

A long dress needs long nails to go with it. Ideally, the shape of the nails should repeat the lines of its cut – sharp or smooth. Colored nail polish should harmonize with the shades of costume jewelry. Any of these options will not only blend perfectly with your outfit, but also emphasize the beauty of your hands.

Blue dress

Manicure under a blue dress can be neutral or bright depending on the situation:

  • Modest French.
  • Classic red or pink, if the nails are in harmony with the accessories
  • Gold with a reverse dimple.
  • Pastel tones for business meetings – light blue, beige, pale pink or white

If the dress is quite simple cut and the fabric is without a pattern, then you can allow nail art with it. On short nails you can use bright nail polish – saturated pink, lemon, purple.

Red dress

On a red background will look great:

  • Dark lacquers – black matte, black with sequins, burgundy
  • French: classic with white or translucent tip, colored with red, gold or black “smile”
  • Lunar with black base and red hole
  • Nude manicure

Very harmoniously perceived leopard print in combination with red and black. The design can be complemented with rivets and interesting elements. The “gold” leopard looks stunning, as red combines beautifully with gold.

Silver dress

A dress of this shade will make you look modern and fashionable at any party. Especially if you choose the right manicure to match it.

  • Red, pink, burgundy
  • Black or blueberry
  • French

Decor elements in silver look good. Be sure to complement your image with matching jewelry. It looks feminine and stylish.

Yellow dress

Manicures with delicate or contrasting shades are ideal for a yellow dress:

  • Mint with a pattern
  • Pastel pink
  • Black and white with stripes or complicated pattern
  • French with light beige or transparent nail polish

One bright accent rather than a riot of colors looks stylish. Complex design looks great against the background of a monochrome outfit. And the yellow dress with an ornament is better combined with a properly selected monochrome manicure.

The original design is appropriate only on one or two nails of the hand.

Light (white, pink, mint, ivory) dress

With clothes of these shades, a manicure of the corresponding gamma is well combined:

  • Pink and vanilla
  • All shades of beige
  • Lilac, azure and mint gradient
  • Peach and white tones

Any color chosen should be a tone lighter or darker than the dress.

Excellent complement the light outfit’s creative design in a pastel palette and accents on one or two nails. Well-chosen jewelry will help you look even more feminine and luxurious.

A gold dress

A good combination with gold is:

  • Nude or pastel natural shades – pink, beige, coffee
  • French with a white smile
  • Black polish for short nails and white for long nails
  • Venzellas in a neutral color

What does the color of your manicure say?

When we choose the color of our nail polish, we subconsciously express our inner state through it….

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When choosing a nail polish, be sure to consider the color of your skin

  • Pink suits light-skinned girls;
  • Beige looks great on hands with medium skin tone;
  • Coffee color will emphasize the charm of swarthy beauties.

In these principles of a harmonious combination of colors of clothing and manicure does not prevent each woman to understand and navigate.

But they should be strictly adhered to with a certain degree of conditionality. No one can limit your imagination and force the ironclad to comply with established laws.

The most important thing is that you should feel natural and comfortable in the image that you created. After all, there are always those who

dictate the rules, and those who follow them. And who says you necessarily have to join the second group? Perhaps your

the variant of a combination of hitherto incongruous will become a fresh word in nail-design in the coming years and will lay the foundation of a new current in the changeable world of fashion?

Search, dare, experiment and do not be afraid to disagree with the opinion of the authorities. You are the one and only! Always remember this.

blue nail polish

Dress blue what color nail polish

A beautiful manicure today is not a luxury, but only one of the indicators of grooming, like clean hair or ironed clothes. But just like hairstyles, dresses, colors – manicures are also subject to fashion trends. What was fashionable some five years ago, today is considered vulgarity, and ultraviolet colors – vulgarity. How to stand out among the beauties, not only through your dress, but also due to the unusual and at the same time fashionable manicure? To choose a manicure to the blue dress, as well as other outfits for an important evening, will help this article.

Manicure types

Time does not stand still, and with it the fashion trends and types of manicure. Ordinary neat trimmed manicure, where the master carefully removes your cuticle, covering your nails with colorless varnish, no longer surprise anyone. So what do girls do today in beauty salons, at home or with their own hands?

Shellac. Perhaps the most popular type of manicure today. The principle is quite simple and fast. After preparing the nails for coverage, removing cuticles and shaping the nails, they are covered with a special base coat. This is followed by a color varnish and a fixer. For lovers of unusual and elegant nails, all sorts of rhinestones, stickers, drawings on the nails, lace, confetti, and so on are used. The main thing is not to go overboard. The color of nail polishes counts thousands of shades, all kinds of shiny waxes, matte coatings and other decorative elements.

Gel. It is more dangerous to the nails than shellac, due to the sawing off of the upper nail plate. But it’s more durable. While shellac lasts on average 1-3 weeks on the nails, the gel will last up to 4 weeks without chipping, and it’s not so easy to tear it off. Nails covered with gel last longer, and it will not be easy to get rid of it, while shellac can be easily removed with a metal scraper and acetone. The color palette is just as varied, and the decor elements are the same as for shellac.

Japanese manicure. After long-term nail extensions, as well as the use of gel and shellac, the nails are still damaged. In order to bring them out of this tired state, the Japanese manicure is used. Special compounds strengthen the nails, making them smooth and naturally shiny. This is more of a therapeutic procedure, after which the nails look neat and natural.

Nail extensions. The most unpopular method of nail care today. Not only because of the rather long process, but also because of the visual unnaturalness. Nails are mostly build up gel, the process is long and for the nails is very destructive, and in addition the long nails have long been out of trend, and the bright tips look more terrible than attractive. Also, glued to the nails pictures in the form of flowers or broken glass is no longer relevant. Today, inflated nails – an indicator of your backwardness in fashion, metropolitan things immediately hang you the label “village”, so forget about these “ancient” attributes of beauty.

The universal manicure

Choosing a manicure for a serious event, whether it’s a wedding or a graduation, a girl tries to make her nails universal to appear at her friend’s wedding today and go to work tomorrow.

The universal manicure comes to the rescue! It’s a French, Japanese manicure or nude shades of nail polish. These nails always look well-groomed, neat and will suit any outfit, any sandals and any beach suit. A very popular universal manicure for weddings, the office and everyday life.

This manicure will suit a blue dress, a wedding dress, an evening gown and a strict suit. If you find it difficult to choose a color, choose pastel nude shades, and you’ll never miss!

Complementing the image

A manicure is like an accessory. It should not merge with the outfit, but complement it. Therefore, do not pick up a varnish exactly in tone with the dress. It will be good if it will be darker or lighter by 2-3 shades.

As blue is already quite a light color, for the nails you should choose a varnish richer. Or you can combine several shades and make a gradient.

Choosing a manicure for a blue dress, take into account its length, style, material. Do not forget about the event for which you are preparing. For example, an abundance of rhinestones on the nails will be justified for a wedding or a visit to the club. But for a romantic date or a meeting with friends is unlikely to suit. The brighter the dress itself, the simpler your nails should be.

The classics are always in fashion.

The perfect manicure for a blue dress, photo examples of which can be found on this page, is a traditional French. It is suitable for any outfit. And it can also be diluted with nail art to make the image more delicate, interesting and individual. For those who want to make a manicure on their own, but do not own the technique of drawing on the nails, there is also a way out – special stickers with different ornaments. Such a design will look original and festive.

If the classic French manicure is already bored, you can experiment. For example, the entire nail is covered with transparent or flesh-colored varnish (you can also make a pattern), and the tip – with blue varnish – to match the dress. It will be interesting to look and the reverse option – with white tips and blue base.

Playing with color

The soft blue cocktail dress will suit the nail polish on a few tones darker. Preferably, the nails should be oval and short. Long nails with a dark lacquer will make the image heavy. In the tone of the nail polish, you can pick up the jewelry and accessories.

Lovers of experiments are advised to play with the color. Not a bad combination of the blue dress will be with a manicure of mint shade, lemon, pink or purple. The win-win option is also always considered a white color. “Dilute” the figure can be gold or silver.

If the dress is monochrome, the manicure with a drawing will look better. It can be, delicate florals, smooth lines, blurred figures. If the dress already has patterns, it is better to give preference to a simple monochrome nail polish. Or experiment – try to repeat the same pattern on your nails as well.

The emphasis on the ring finger is still in fashion. Therefore, as an option, the monochrome manicure can be diluted with patterns on several fingers.

Making drawings and patterns, do not forget about the time of year. In the winter cold the snow ornaments will be actual, and in the warm time – flowers and hearts. Universal decorations are a variety of geometric designs.

Making a manicure under the blue dress, remember: it must fit into the image, and not to stand out and catch the eye. Otherwise, it will be tasteless.

What nail Color goes with a light blue?

The color of the nail polish should be in harmony with the color of the dress. For example, if the dress is dark blue, then a light blue nail polish would complement it. However, if you are wearing a light blue dress and want to wear a dark blue nail polish, it might not look right.

Should my nails match my dress?

There are many different opinions on this topic. Some people believe that your nails should match the rest of your outfit, whereas others believe that it is not necessary. In my opinion, it is a personal preference. If you are wearing a dress with a floral pattern, then you should definitely wear nail polish with flowers on them. Conversely, if you are wearing a dress with geometric patterns, then you should wear nail polish that has geometric patterns on them.

What nail polish goes with turquoise dress?

Turquoise is a color that can be paired with many different colors of nail polish. You can wear it with a bright red, or a dark blue, or even a light pink. It all depends on your personal preference and the occasion. The key is to find the right shade of turquoise to match your dress.