Manicure, emphasizing the tan: choose a color and design

Tanned skin by itself looks very beautiful. But if you accentuate the chocolate shade correctly, the image will become even more attractive. One way to do this is to choose the right manicure. To do this, it is important to know what nail polish color and design will suit a tanned skin.

How to accentuate a tan with a manicure

To emphasize tanned skin through manicure, it is important to consider two main aspects:

  • the color of the nail polish;
  • nail design.

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Choice of color

The following colors of nail polish will suit tanned skin:

White. Perhaps the most suitable manicure color for a dark skin tone. It is especially good to emphasize just appeared tan when it is barely noticeable.

White nail polish highlights even a barely there tan.

Yellow and its shades. Warm colors are suitable in case the tan is golden, not chocolate. An especially good shade of skin in this case will be a lemon-yellow varnish.

Lemon-yellow lacquer emphasizes a warm shade of tan.

Blue, azure and mint. The colors of the sky and the sea on the nails look very advantageous when the skin is tanned. You can use both pale and bright shades. But be careful if the veins on your hands and arms are strongly pronounced. In this case, it is better to refuse to use blue and green shades in the manicure.

Mint color varnish is suitable for those girls who do not have strongly pronounced veins on the hands and wrists

Lavender. Excellent shade, dark shade of skin.

Lavender nail polish looks very soft.

Flesh tones: light beige, soft coffee and chocolate. They emphasize the warm shade of tanned skin and look very elegant, so suitable for businesswomen.

Varnish of coffee color perfectly harmonizes with a chocolate shade of skin.

“Berry” shades: raspberry, lingonberry, sea buck thorn and cherry. Excellent contrast to a tan. However, if your skin has a pink undertone, it is better to refuse from “berry” shades.

Paint in buck thorn color looks very bright and unusual.

Your choice of design

As for the design, the most winning options for tanned skin will be:

The holes at the base of the nail. This solution will be a link between the color of the main coating and the tan. Silver, gold and white wells are ideal. You can also use lettuce, lemon, lavender and other light colors.

Shiny stickers (e.g., in the shape of stars or flowers), rhinestones or mirror polish. Shimmering in the sun, the jewelry will accentuate tanned skin. Such a design is recommended to do on a transparent or pastel coating, so as not to overload the image.

Ombré. In this case, one shade of nail polish flows smoothly into the other. Ombré will suit girls who like a manicure in a dark color. At the base of the nail, you can make a light shade, which will be a contrast to the tan, and for the length and tip of the plate use a different coating.

French. When the skin is tanned, not only beige and white colors will be suitable for such a design. Try light blue, purple and cherry as the main shade as well.

When the skin is tanned, it is very important to choose the right color and manicure design. Nails must emphasize the beauty of your body, not obscure it. Give preference to light and warm shades, and if you want bright – choose “sea” and “berry” colors. If you like design, try wells, ombré and French.

What color nails look good with a tan?

A good color for nails with a tan is a light pink or nude shade. Darker colors like black or deep purple are too harsh and will make your tan look washed out.

Which nail color should be avoided with the tan complexion?

The color that should be avoided is a dark color. The colors that are best for the tan complexion are pastels and light colors.
The best colors to wear with a tan complexion is the lighter colors like pink, lavender, lilac, etc. The darker colors like burgundy and navy should be avoided as they will make your skin look darker.