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how to apply polygel.
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How to properly apply polygel to the nails?

When nail extensions, most novice masters have many questions, and one of them is how to apply…

foil for nails
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How to use foil for nails with gel polish? How to properly glue foil for manicure design? Step by step technique of application

The creation of gel varnish has made it possible to realize the most daring ideas of masters…

acrylic nails
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Peeling of acrylic nails. Correction of acrylic nails. Removal of acrylic nails

Acrylic nail peeling If the client wears tips in combination with acrylic for a long time, they…

nail buff
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Nail buff: what is it for and how to use it

The magic wand really exists, at least in manicure. It is a buff, as everybody affectionately calls…

poly gel
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Strengthening of natural nails with poly gel: why to apply the product under the gel polish, and step-by-step instructions for beginners, how to strengthen at home

Every girl wants to wear a beautiful manicure, to have well-groomed nails. But not always the natural…

nail stickers
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Transferable nail stickers: types, how to glue, how to make at home

Not every girl has the artistic talent to create drawings on the nails, and constant visits to…

nail polish
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Nail polish: types, which is better, how to use, manufacturers

Nail polish is a colorless or colored solution consisting of a plasticizer, polymer, pigment and solvent. Uniform…

remove nail polish
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How to remove nail polish from clothes?

Nowadays, few women will go out “in public” without a neat manicure and painted nails. Some people…