manicure with clouds

Manicure with clouds: fashionable design 2022

One of the most fashionable and colorful nail designs in 2022 is considered a manicure with clouds. And what interesting executions of this nail art can be found today, we will tell in our review.

Manicure with clouds: design ideas

Clouds on the nails – this is one of the most popular in the current season types of nail art. It looks delicate and charming, which allows you to wear it at any time of the year, whether it is summer or winter. The colors for this design are also chosen calm, so that manicure can safely be attributed to the universal. Go with it on a date, in the office, or during a vacation at the sea – everywhere such a decoration of nails will look relevant. And we will consider in detail the most interesting variations of execution right now.

Clouds with French. French manicure is considered a recognized classic in the segment of nail art. But it has also long ago ceased to adhere to strict canons. Today, French is quite successfully combined with different kinds of decorations and drawings. Among the latter are gentle clouds. The simplest and most popular execution is to apply white and blue flowing lines over a transparent top on the edge of the nails. From the side, they will resemble clouds running across the sky. The design can be done on each finger at the same time, or on one or two. All the same, the effect will be great. If you are looking for something more traditional, then simply cover the tips of your nails with an image of white clouds. And as a base, choose a blue color.

With glitter. Looks great on the nails and manicure with clouds and sequins. And when creating this nail art, you can safely show your imagination. Alternate drawings on the nails with glitter coating. Or decorate the clouds themselves with silver, gold, and multicolored glitters. It will turn out incredibly charming. If you want, such a design is allowed to use for the evening image. But pertinently, it will look in everyday life.

With rhinestones. Another luxury addition to the clouds on the nails will be the rhinestones. They will give the manicure an additional chic and sophistication. The main thing here is not to go overboard, so that the brilliance of the stones does not overshadow the beautiful design. Place the stones at some distance from each other, which resemble a scattering of stars in the evening sky. And do not forget about the shades of nail polish – they must be sustained in a soft pink, peach, cream and light gray palette. And the stones themselves can be quite successfully fixed on a transparent top. Refracting the sunlight, they will enrich your nail-art with a beautiful glow. Be sure to try it!

Rainbow. A great solution for the spring-summer season and raise your spirits will be a manicure with clouds and rainbows. This is so expressive and beautiful design that it is certain to leave no lady indifferent. And here there is absolutely no criteria for self-expression. You can apply a rainbow in the form of a gradient, and then decorate it with clouds, or you can create a creative drawing of a rainbow rising from the clouds on your nails. Alternating different colored nail polishes on one finger and clouds on the other will also look beautiful. And if your imagination allows, you can resort to a more daring abstraction.

Landscapes. If you want to please yourself with a really unusual manicure, then we advise you to apply on your nails a full landscape with clouds. It can be 3D paintings of cloudy skies, sunsets, sunrises, the union of clouds and the sea, clouds and the horizon, clouds and the sun, trees, birds, etc. In a word, depict on the nail plate everything your heart desires. The main thing is to choose for such nail art a talented master with the skills of an artist, so he skillfully embodied such an unusual design to life. After all, it is important here that the paintings on the nails look as realistic as possible.

With the stars. A very cute design can turn out if you recreate on the nails a manicure with clouds and stars. In most cases, this idea suits you if you like the picture of the evening or night sky. In doing so, the result comes out incredibly mesmerizing. To depict the stars, use varnish in golden shades or translucent top with glitter to get a mysterious glow. Play around with the size as well as the number of stars. They can be both large and placed in a number of 1-3 pieces on the nail, or very small, like constellations in the evening sky.

Fluorescent design. Attract attention to yourself at a beach party, nightclub or date is possible with a fluorescent manicure. To create it, just cover your nails with a special lacquer, which begins to glow, barely getting under ultraviolet rays. It is not necessary to be modest when choosing the shades. Let them be bright and enchanting. Among the favorites for 2020 are lettuce, pink and soft blue colors. By the way, the latter is great for cloudy nail art, as it evokes associations with the sky. Draw on it clear clouds or in the form of divisions, so that they seem to float on the heavenly heights.

Transparent. A manicure with clouds on transparent nails is perfect for everyday wear. It looks laconic, stylish and very unobtrusive, which allows you to include it in any fashionable look. Moreover, even adult women can afford such nail art. And do not be afraid, the image will not look frivolous. The most popular solution for this design is to cover most of the nail with drawings in the form of clouds, and to leave the free edge of the plate transparent. This way, the effect of airiness and lightness is achieved.

With a drawing. Very cute and creative will look and manicure with clouds, complemented by any other images. These can be birds flying in the sky, balloons, angels, the moon, cartoon characters, unicorns, themed pictures, yellowed leaves, umbrellas, raindrops, cobwebs, flowers. The latter options are especially relevant for creating an interesting nail art for fall 2020. If you arrive in a playful mood, then try to draw cute smiling faces on the clouds. They’re sure to cheer up your surroundings and draw attention to you.

Gradient. Wonderful on long nails, will look and manicure with clouds, made in the technique of gradient. However, to create it, only some colors of nail polishes are suitable. And they must be chosen as close as possible to the natural palette. For example, at the base of the nail, let natural beige be placed, which will smoothly pass into a gentle blue, and then into a dark blue shade. Also in this nail art, you can use pink, orange, purple, mauve colors, which will reflect the sky at different times of day. And only the clouds invariably remain white or translucent.

On a short length. Quite successfully manicure with clouds looks and on short nails. However, here it is important not to let it turn out to be overloaded. Therefore, try to avoid unnecessary decor in the form of rhinestones, sequins, sequins, foil when creating this nail art. It is better to stick to calm shades and neatly drawn clouds. If desired, you can add to the design other unobtrusive drawings. But they should not be large, so as not to draw attention away from the sky.

Sunset and dawn. Incredibly beautiful will turn out if you move away from the image of the traditional blue sky, and recreate on your nails the sunset or dawn with clouds floating on a background of bright colors. To intensify the effect, you can also picture the setting sun or the rising moon.

Frosted. A very interesting effect will turn out if you use two different textures in one nail art. Namely, a matte top and clouds painted with gloss. Such a contrast is incredibly fashionable today and allows you to get a non-trivial design.

What shades of nail polish are suitable for cloudy nail art?

The most favorite combination when creating a manicure with clouds is, of course, blue with white. It allows you to recreate on the nails the illusion of a bright summer day.

To depict the sunset, nail-art specialists use, most often, red and orange shades of nail polish, which perfectly convey the palette left in the sky by the setting sun.

The pre-dawn beauty is wonderfully conveyed by pink and yellow manicures with translucent delicate clouds floating on the horizon.

The sky on a rainy day is better depicted in a gray and pale blue palette. Also, clouds should have a smoky tint and look like clouds.

The twilight and night sky is best drawn in purple, violet and dark blue and black shades. And don’t forget the golden stars and the moon. They will add realism to the picture.

How do you do the cloud effect on your nails?

The cloud effect on nails can be done by using a white nail polish and a toothpick. First, paint your nails with a white nail polish and let them dry. Then, use a toothpick to create the cloud effect by lightly drawing on the tips of your nails. You can make the clouds any size and shape that you want. Finally, seal the nails with a clear top coat.

How do I make my own cloud nails?

Cloud nails are a popular trend these days. They are easy to do, and they can look really cool if done right. To create this nail art, you will need:
– A base coat
– White nail polish
– Cotton swabs
– Clear top coat
– Gold or silver glitter polish
– Clear nail polish remover
– Toothpick
Step 1:Start by applying a base coat to your nails. This will protect your nails from the polish and give you a smooth, clean finish.
Step 2:Apply one nail with white nail polish to get a clean, crisp looking first coat. (Only apply one nail at a time!)  Let dry for 10 minutes.

How do you paint clouds with nail polish?

There are a few different ways that you can paint clouds with nail polish. One way is to use a toothpick to create the outline of the cloud, and then fill it in with different colors. Another way is to use a sponge to create the cloud shape, and then fill it in with different colors. You can also use a spray bottle to create the cloud shape, and then fill it in with different colors.