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men's like
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What manicure men’s like

When preparing for a date, it is important to take care not only about the outfit, hairstyle…

manicure with clouds
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Manicure with clouds: fashionable design 2022

One of the most fashionable and colorful nail designs in 2022 is considered a manicure with clouds….

blue nail polish
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Blue color dress what color nail polish

Today we’re going to focus on the last item on that list, the last in location, but…

nail color
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What nail color visually reduces the nail

In today’s world, girls are increasingly refusing long nails in favor of short nails: they are more…

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Manicure, emphasizing the tan: choose a color and design

Tanned skin by itself looks very beautiful. But if you accentuate the chocolate shade correctly, the image…

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What does the color of your manicure say?

When we choose the color of our nail polish, we subconsciously express our inner state through it….

nail primer
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Why do you need nail primer?

Do you have artificial nails in the hope that they will last a long time, but after…

acrylic nails
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Ways to remove acrylic nails at home

Useful information will not hurt anyone, especially when it comes to the topic of how to remove…

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How to care for and clean acrylic, gel and design brushes

Masters of manicure, perhaps, it’s not necessary to tell how important it is for their work to…

nail polish color
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The choice of nail polish color, combination with clothes

Which manicure color to choose, depends on the skin tone, the event, the time of year and…