What does the color of your manicure say?

When we choose the color of our nail polish, we subconsciously express our inner state through it. We may not realize it, but the color of nail polish really says a lot about our personality. And a glance at someone else’s manicure helps us to “read” some information about his owner: what her character, her attitude in life, allows us to assess the image of a woman in general.

There is a whole science of color – calorimetry. It studies the methods of measuring and expressing the amount of color, the differences in colors.

But the way colors influence us, and also why and in what cases we choose certain colors – this is a field of psychology.

Choosing a color of varnish, we in a certain way declare about ourselves to the world, we express ourselves. Let’s see, what does the color of the nail polish we choose say about us?

Red color.

Red – if we’re talking about the classic red manicure (scarlet), it is the color of passion, warmth, fire. Red color is chosen by passionate and self-confident individuals. These people in their actions are guided more by emotions, the heart than the cold calculation, they are diligent, brave, with remarkable willpower, and leaders by nature. But they can be irascible and aggressive. This can also include a manicure in crimson shades.

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Pink color.

Pink nail polish choose gentle and sensual natures, they are cheerful and playful. Such women are vulnerable and resentful, but resilient, they are no strangers to flirting and coquetry. Sometimes the lovers of pink manicure distinguishes capriciousness and insouciance. As a rule, those who prefer the pink manicure, distinguished by good communication skills, so they succeed in their careers.

Orange and yellow colors.

Orange and yellow colors speak for themselves! They are the colors of joy and optimism. These colors are chosen by creative people who are open to the world, they are charged with optimism, cheerful, happy and energetic. Such people are not afraid to take risks and lead an active lifestyle. Orange and yellow are associated with sunlight and symbolize warmth, joy and happiness.

Purple and Mauve.

Purple is a complex color and is created by mixing red and blue. It is also called purple. Purple is known to be the color of royalty.

Purple manicure is a color of choice for creative, highly spiritual, ambitious individuals. The nature of these people is contradictory, they are individualists, they do not tolerate moral pressure, they value inner freedom, they are emotional, vulnerable and sensitive, but they have an inner core. Those who prefer the color purple, can not pretend and guile, do not hide their emotions.


Blue is the color of sky, water, cornflowers. And sapphires. It is a bright and saturated color. But it is also cold and serious. And not the most flirty.

Those who choose it are diplomatic, active, hardworking, strong, intelligent, successful. Such people do not succumb to emotions, believe in facts and figures, are subject to deep reflection. Also, blue is chosen by those who are restrained and determined, those who never give up and love stability, peace and clarity.

Blue has many shades, but the main feature – the blue – remains unchanged. People who prefer blue are kind, modest and decent. A bit reserved. They need support and warmth of loved ones.

Green color.

Green is the color of life itself, peace, spring. It has a powerful energy and is associated with hope. It soothes, relaxes and adds vitality. Fans of the green color in manicure are balanced, calm, friendly and serious ladies. They are independent, kind, accurate, from those who will not pass by other people’s troubles. Can be a little old-fashioned, love to gossip, choose traditional ways of solving problems, not innovators. Stubborn, determined, straightforward, sometimes trying to dominate others, want to take everything from life.


The color white.

White is the color of piety, goodness, innocence and light. White is the color of snow, clouds, poplar down and dandelions. This color is mainly perceived positively, but it can also be associated with coldness, detachment, arrogance. Therefore, using this color, the main thing is not to go overboard, so as not to be seen as an emotionally cold person.

In manicure, white is preferred by nice, pleasant ladies. They are neat, moderately open, have good taste, strive for perfection in everything. Also, they are neat, honest, sincere and conservative. Prone to self-criticism, scrupulous. Using white color in the manicure, ladies try to emphasize their uncommonness, openness, purity and tenderness, to inspire the environment with their appearance.


Black is shrouded in mysticism and mystery and is opposed to white. Along with gloom, sadness and some other negative values, black has positive values: it is elegant, timeless, deep and mysterious.

In manicure, this color is preferred by ladies with pronounced leadership qualities, they have a tendency to be creative, confident, proactive, ambitious and persistent. Sometimes about such ladies we can say that, using black color in manicure, they are in search of their style, or they are not ready for experiments in their appearance, relating to the black color as to a neutral one.

Black on your nails gives a certain message to others that you are serious and authoritative. Also, if you give preference to the color black in your manicure, it characterizes you as a person artistic and elegant.

Some people might be repulsed by the black color in the manicure, but, without any doubt, it will attract attention and will give a certain mystique to your image.

I hope you’ve had fun learning about what the color of your manicure says to you and those around you.

What do the colors on nails mean?

Nail polish colors have been a significant part of the fashion industry for a very long time. It is not just about the beauty of the color, but also about how it can represent one’s personality.
Different colors are associated with different meanings. For example, red is often used to represent power and passion, while blue is typically associated with calmness and serenity.
Nail polish colors are important because they can be used as an identifier in social settings. For example, if someone has a specific nail polish color on their nails in a public place, they could be approached by someone who shares that nail polish color and they might end up having conversations based on that shared characteristic.

What color of nails is most attractive?

One of the most common questions that people ask themselves is, “What color of nails is most attractive?” There are many colors to choose from and it can be difficult to decide on one.
The answer to this question is subjective. Some people may like red nails while others might prefer blue or green. The best way to find out what color you prefer is by experimenting with different colors and seeing which one you like the best.

What does black nail polish mean on a girl?

Black nail polish is a symbol of power and self-expression. It can also be used to represent a darker side.
A black nail polish can be worn for many reasons. It can be worn as a symbol of power, or to represent a darker side. Black nail polish has been seen on many people, including celebrities like Rihanna and Katy Perry, as well as in the fashion world.