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Strengthening of natural nails with poly gel: why to apply the product under the gel polish, and step-by-step instructions for beginners, how to strengthen at home

Every girl wants to wear a beautiful manicure, to have well-groomed nails. But not always the natural nails grow to the right length or become strong enough to withstand the load. A new strengthener – poly gel – will come to the rescue. Let us tell in detail about its properties and rules of application.

Why strengthen the natural nail plate?

Important! With the strengthening of the nail plate, you can increase its length in order to be able to choose the appropriate nail shape and design.

Also, after strengthening the plate, it becomes even, the nail polish is laid evenly, easily. The plate gets a shine, becomes stronger, so it does not break from the load.

Gel description

Poly gel is one of the latest materials that combine the properties of acrylic and gel polish. It is gaining popularity with the masters of nail service.

Attention! In this case, it is important to choose the optimal remedy, so as not to harm the already weakened nails.

Features and advantages of poly gel:

There is no specific acrid, simply glen strengthening the nail plate now you do not need to open windows to get rid of the chemical odor. In addition, poly gel is heavier than acrylic, so its particles do not fly in the air, but immediately settle.

High strength is achieved without applying thick and sloppy layers of strengthener. To make the nail stronger, only a thin layer of poly gel is enough.

The product does not cure without the use of a lamp with ultraviolet light. Therefore, you can take your time with modeling and shaping. If necessary, the composition can be added, from this the surface will not lose its smoothness and will still remain flat.

Thanks to the use of a special liquid, the cleanser, the process of applying aerogel becomes as simple and convenient as possible. The product is easy to apply with a brush and does not bleed.

The skin around the nail remains untouched, thanks to the fact that leaks are completely eliminated. This feature is important for girls with delicate skin prone to allergic reactions. Also, the absence of the composition on the skin excludes burning during drying in the UV lamp.

The material is very pliable; after application, only minimal filing is needed to give the ideal shape.

Poly gel does not weigh the nails, and they remain protected from external factors.

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Rating of the 3 best products

Vogue Nails Poly Gel

The material is excellent for working with weakened and thin nails. With its help, you can build up on tips, as well as use it as a modeling material.

Help. Poly gel is convenient for working with different speed: suitable for both beginners and professionals.

The product is easily distributed on the plate, it doesn’t spill and is conveniently shaped. The material is characterized by a light, barely perceptible fragrance of perfume, it is not volatile. After drying in the lamp, the poly gel becomes more like polymerized acrylic, can be sawed without problems with a cutter and an ordinary file. The color of the material is transparent.

The main feature is high compatibility with many gel polishes. From the main advantages users have allocated convenience of application and formation of a plate, ease of sawing and ease of work even for beginners.

Formula Profit Nail Shaper

The product is manufactured in the United States. The company produces poly gel in different shades: sand, pink, transparent and white. The material is easy to apply, giving the necessary shape to the plate. To get the perfect manicure it is enough to apply poly gel and top, the procedure is quick also due to the fact that there is no need to apply many layers of strengthener.

The brush is canalization and shaping. However, users say that the tool is more suitable for experienced masters, beginners find it difficult to get used to it.

KOD Professional

Another professional tool from manufacturers from the United States. The product is designed to build up and strengthen the nail plate. The material not only strengthens the natural nails, but also infuses them with vitamins and minerals. Due to its high elasticity, aerogel is easy to model both on tips and on the forms. It has no smell.

Important: Suitable even for beginners. Available in white and transparent poly gel.

How to strengthen nails at home: step-by-step instructions

Algorithm of strengthening nails with poly gel:

Have a complete manicure, treat the nails with a dehydrator.

If the nail plates are wet, apply a thin layer of primer.

After a minute, apply the base and dry it in the lamp for 30-40 seconds.

Moisten the brush with cleanser so that it becomes moist, but it does not drip anything.

Apply the poly gel with a spatula to the nail.

Distribute the material starting from the cuticles. Last of all, the product is distributed on the edges. The layer should be minimal. Remove excess, if necessary.

Attention! If the fixer doesn’t pull well, moisten the brush again.

Use the clincher to smooth out the aerogel, removing all irregularities and roughnesses.

Dry the nails in a UV lamp for 2 minutes.

Cut off excess material with a 180-240 grit file. The nail is finished with a buff.

Finish with gel polish and top. All dry step by step.

Next, you can watch a video on how to strengthen your nails with poly gel:

poly gel

What other products can be used by the novice master?

To date, the following products are used to strengthen the nail plate:

  • constructive gel;
  • Biogen;
  • acrylic;
  • thick base for gel nail polish.

To all these materials must be purchased and accompanying means: degreased, dehydrator, gel polish with a sticky layer.

Synopsis. It is necessary to choose a material for strengthening individually, and it is not always possible at the first time.

It is necessary to observe how the strengthener is worn, to carry out a comparative analysis. Some people find it right the first time, while others have to experiment for several months.

Poly gel is one of the latest developments in the field of nail service. But in order to keep your nails healthy and beautiful, it is important to choose the right material and use it correctly. It is better to trust it to professionals.

Do Poly gel nails ruin your nails?

Ногти – одна из самых важных частей нашего тела. Они являются защитным слоем, который покрывает и защищает наши чувствительные кончики пальцев. Однако нередко люди наносят на ногти вредные химические вещества, чтобы они выглядели лучше.
Использование гелевых ногтей стало популярной тенденцией в последние годы, и многие салоны красоты предлагают эту услугу. Но, несмотря на свою популярность, у этого вида лака для ногтей есть некоторые недостатки.
Один из главных недостатков заключается в том, что его нельзя легко снять, как обычный лак, и для его удаления требуется профессионал. Кроме того, гелевые ногти стоят дороже, чем обычный лак, и могут повредить ваши натуральные ногти, если вы не будете соблюдать осторожность при их снятии или слишком сильно надавите на них при нанесении.

How long do Poly gel nails last for?

Poly gel nails are artificial nail extensions that are created using a liquid polymer. These artificial nails can last for up to three weeks, but that depends on the quality of the product and how well they are applied.
The poly gel nails will last as long as you want them to, but it all depends on the quality of your nail technician and how well your nails were applied.