manicure color

Manicure color

What can the color of a manicure tell you? Are there hidden motives in what shades you choose, what do you combine them with, and how do you approach this choice? The psychology of color, fend shoo manicures and trendy designs in nail art give us answers to all the questions. Let’s go from the simple to the complex.

Nail art by fend shoo: why to highlight the color of separate nails

In Eastern traditions, each finger is responsible for certain areas of human life, and through the hands there is a connection with the energy in the world around us. Hence, the popularity of acupuncture.

When it is necessary to create additional vibrations in the environment and to focus attention on the necessary sphere of life, highlight this sphere on the hands with a stylish colored manicure.

Even today a miracle will not happen, but a constant focus on what you seek to develop will allow you to see more opportunities in everyday life and take small, but so necessary actions when the situation requires it. After all, even your manicure calls for it! Let it become a little cheat sheet of success and achievements for every day.

What is the role of each finger in fend shoo manicure

It is fashionable to color one ring finger or ring finger with the middle finger. According to fend shoo, the middle one is responsible for financial prosperity and success, and the ring finger is responsible for successful relationships, romance and love. You want to attract them in your life – accent these two fingers with a different color or different design. But what about the other fingers on your hands, because they are also responsible for something? That’s right!


Different shades of nail polish will accentuate strength of character, willpower, resistance to stress, and assertiveness. Complete your manicure with a ring on the thumb to enhance your character vibe.


A manicure in a different color on the index finger puts the emphasis on leadership qualities, the desire to attract attention in society, the desire to stand out and influence the opinions of others.


Highlight a manicure in a different color on the middle finger on one or both hands, and it will bring you financial prosperity, career advancement, approval and praise from others.

Ring finger

Do you want romantic relationships, loyalty, stability, family happiness and true friendship? Emphasize the color of the ring finger, and you’ll get everything you want.


Creative, creative, and business girls and women with a different color manicure on the pinky finger promises success in all their endeavors and projects. Make plans, put them into practice and do not forget about the color of your nails and good mood while conquering the creative and business heights.

Color psychology: character at your fingertips

Colors are divided into warm and cool, bright and calm, and complemented by all shades of metallic and a variety of glitter options. Decide on a group first, and then decide on a color.

Bright colors – self-confidence and an active lifestyle

Red, orange and yellow manicure, or any combination of these three shades gives out a confident woman leading an active social life. From blood-red to cheerful yellow, your nail art will catch everyone’s attention. Finish off the color with a glossy sheen, and you’re halfway there in style.

Calm shades – for responsible and open-minded people

Blue, green and turquoise manicures will immediately emphasize your straight and collected character. Shades go well with silver and gray in casual styles. Complement the manicure with a bag, scarf or other accessory in the same palette to emphasize the saturation of color.

Pastel colors – femininity and romance for every day

Want to emphasize lightness, flirtatiousness and openness of character? Lilac, peach and mint manicures will help. These colors will fit harmoniously into the spring-summer image, creating a feeling of newness and anticipation of seasonal changes.

Metallic shades – mysterious and powerful.

Deep and charming shades of gold and silver colors will give out in you the desire for openness, the desire to attract attention and to catch delighted looks. Gold and silver effectively complement the other colors, creating a festive mood. Save them for a romantic date, a party or a dinner party.

Nail color and character: the expanded meaning of shades.

Learn more about character from the color of your manicure by analyzing the colors you choose in nail art most often. Consider each color and the character behind it, separately.


Power, passion, love, impulsiveness – this is the most emotional color in nail art. It draws attention to your hands, so a manicure in red should be flawless. Red speaks of your active life stance, courage and boldness to embody your desires immediately. You love sports, noisy companies and parties, communicating with friends, new styles and images. Often you judge people only by first impressions and act emotionally, leaving thinking for later.

In the composition of the design, red will combine with black, white, blue, gray and brown. In ombré it effectively borders with burgundy, coral, purple and black. In graphic designs, red is sharp, structured, so it looks good in combination with sharp corners and sharp, contrasting borders.


Joy, optimism, activity, desire to support and teach others everything you know how to do yourself. You’re fun, sociable, able to find common ground and quickly make friends. If this is missing in the character, choose for yourself the color orange to activate qualities.

Orange combines with pink, black, green, blue and red.


A sunny, joyful color that lifts your spirits and creates a sense of celebration. Yellow is chosen by very smart girls, reformers in character and life priorities. Yellow will tell you as an open and friendly person with heightened sensitivity. You often withdraw into yourself, into reflection and analysis. You are a reliable friend who can keep secrets.

In nail art design, yellow will be combined with blue, blue, white, lettuce. Looks good in ombré with white, which dilutes it.


Lightness, naturalness and tranquility are the main traits of your character. Green is uplifting and has light healing properties. You have many hobbies, you seek to help loved ones and others. In communicating, trying to avoid conflict situations, friends call you a peacemaker.

Dark green is associated with wealth, luxury and naturalness. Complement it with gold to attract wealth in your life. In graphic compositions, green does not like sharp angles and tends to streamlined shapes and curls. Combines with blue, blue, black, white, olive.


You are a fan of tradition and ritual, often conservative to innovation and change. You are sensitive to both others and your own feelings. Never go for unjustified risks and adventures. Measure twice and cut once is about you. The rationalism and sensitivity in your character require a constant search for balance.

Blue combines with yellow, green, pink, red and blue. Looks as effective in contrast as in soft transitions of nail design.


The color of restraint, the desire to hide from the attention of others and to keep your inner strength. Black is often chosen by introverts, sensitive natures, who want to look impressive, but do not reveal their feelings. Mystery, the desire for prestige, respectability, classics – all this will emphasize the black color of nail art.

Black will combine with any color, as it is the background. In contrast, it highlights other bright shades. The black and white combination is a versatile solution for quick design choices. Complement black with gold or silver to add festive chic to your style.


A clean slate, openness, desire to learn, transparency in your relationship with yourself and others – it’s all about you if you prefer white in nail design. White is the color of brides, a good background for painting and colored accents. Peacefulness, youthfulness, ease of communication attracts people of all ages to you. It’s easy for you to make friends and support those around you. .


The combination of red and white brings its own traits to the final color pink. If you are a fan of pink, you have tenderness, romance, kindness and passion in you. Softness in communication can be replaced by the desire to carry away, to motivate, to ignite those around you. You can be relied on in relationships, you know how to love and make friends.

Pink combines with white, red, blue, gray, purple, mauve.

Brown, nude, beige 

In manicure is a great alternative to black. It is the color of strength, tranquility, self-confidence. It eliminates playfulness and flirtatiousness from the image, creates a balanced business style. It can suppress sensuality.

To ease the influence of brown, replace it with nude or beige shades of nail polish. Beige is a universal solution for every day if you don’t want to draw attention to your hands or if you seek to emphasize a natural and well-groomed appearance.

Gold and silver 

Festive, joyful, rich, luxurious and comfortable. If you choose metallic colors in your manicure, you seek to attract the attention of others, to declare yourself in every possible way.


All shades of purple and violet give out a girl’s creativity. People who prefer it in manicure often go against the system, defending their own opinion, many do not understand. If you suddenly fell in love with purple gel polish, your soul is full of surprises, but vulnerable and receptive. You know how to make friends and charm, but you never open up to the end.

Does the amount of glitter, especially in everyday looks. Glitter manicures and designs with shimmering textures can be done on one or more nails, not all at once. That way you get the right balance and compromise for every day.

manicure color

Fashionable manicure designs according to the Chinese horoscope, Pantone versions and other color combinations

In addition to the popularity of a few shades that fashion designers choose for the season or for the whole year, there are color combinations that give nail art styles their name.

An ombré or gradient design will never go out of style, as it allows you to combine more and more shades with different variations of transition. If you like several nail polish tones and can’t decide on the final one, leave a few close or contrasting shades to combine them in a gradient transition.

“Flawless Gray” and “Illuminating” Yellow have become the colors of the year 2021 and are more popular than every in manicures. Gray belongs to the basic palette, so it combines well with any color – from the same calm and restrained, to bright or neon. Yellow looks stylishly with blue, purple, blue and, of course, gray.

Gray symbolizes reliability, which is especially important in the current unstable situation in the world. Yellow is a reflection of optimism, brightness and courage.

There are color trends related to the calendar and the symbol of the year. In 2021, the main calendar colors are silver, white and the previously mentioned gray. According to Chinese philosophy, these shades symbolize wealth, independence and well-developed intuition.

The American manicure is to choose a bright color of nail Polish in the tone of the lipstick. The differences should be no more than one tone. The most popular tones are red and coral.

A Spanish manicure is two or more vertical strips of color on one nail. A popular combination is white with black and red with black. Choose any contrasting or pastel shades and combine them in a graphic vertical design. You can use a slight ombré effect to transition.

What new things have you learned about yourself from your manicure colors, what colors do you want to add to your image to activate the appropriate qualities?

Try on new ideas and color combinations that you haven’t thought of before, experiment and get in a good mood.