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How to remove nail polish from clothes?

Nowadays, few women will go out “in public” without a neat manicure and painted nails. Some people prefer to do it in a salon, others do it themselves, at home. But sometimes when painting nails happens that the nail polish gets on the clothes. What can be done to get rid of the stain without damaging the fabric?

How to “save” clothes?

Regardless of whether you dripped gel varnish on the fabric or regular nail polish, the first stage of cleaning will be the same. It includes the following steps:

we take an absorbent cotton sponge or a regular paper napkin and try to remove the maximum amount of product from the surface of the fabric;

Then a wooden toothpick comes into play, with which we try to clean the space between the fibers in the fabric, where the varnish has already managed to seep;

After that, we put the stained thing on a hard, horizontal surface, well spread out, put a white cotton cloth under the stain;

Well now we will act depending on what kind of thing we stained.

Regardless of the type of fabric and the selected agent, first always try this method on an inconspicuous part of the item.

How to remove varnish from natural fabric?

You stained with varnish clothes made of cotton, linen or other natural material? It’s a shame, because such things are usually not cheap, and to find them on sale is not so easy. But do not despair – let’s try to save your favorite thing with one of the following remedies.

Acetone. Probably the first thing that comes to mind is to remove varnish with acetone. And not without reason, because this liquid is the safest for the fabric. To remove a lacquer stain with it, we take a sponge, moisten it in acetone and gently wipe the fabric. If you managed to get rid of the stain, but there were streaks, it is worth blotting them with gasoline and sprinkling talcum powder on top.

Gasoline. Good, and as an independent means in the fight against stains from nail polish. So, we moisten the spoiled area of the fabric in gasoline, leave it for 15 minutes, after which we intensively scrub the stain with a clean flap. If necessary, the procedure is repeated.

Hydrogen peroxide. It is especially indispensable for removing stains from white clothes. We take 3% peroxide, cotton disks and start the treatment.

White things can also try to remove nail polish with a bleaching agent. To do this, soak the stain in bleach, leave it for 30-40 minutes, after which the agent should be rinsed off the fabric, rinsing the thing under the faucet.

White spirit. Also, not a bad, tried and tested product. We soak a cotton pad with it, press it tightly to the stain, hold it for a quarter of an hour and wash the thing.

After one of the above-mentioned methods has been tried, the dirty clothes should be washed in a washing machine on the usual 30-minute program. If you see that the stain did not come off the fabric, repeat the cleaning cycle again, perhaps using a different detergent.

How do I clean synthetic clothes?

Synthetics are considered a more delicate fabric than the same cotton. The above-mentioned methods for cleaning natural fabrics are not suitable here, but are almost hundred-percent guaranteed to spoil the thing for good. For cleaning synthetic fabrics, we recommend the following products.

Nail polish remover without acetone. We pour it on the stain, wait literally 5-10 seconds, and begin to scrub the dirt with a sponge, moving it strictly in one direction. As the contamination changes, the sponge.

There is a recipe for making your own stain remover. Take 1 tsp. Ammonia, 1 tsp. Turpentine, 1 tsp. Olive oil, mix them well and apply to the stain. Wait 5-7 minutes, remove the mixture with a paper handkerchief or tissue. Wash the clothes, repeat the procedure if necessary, but only when the thing dries.

remove nail polish

Removing nail polish from jeans

Jeans are made of a very special fabric. Remember the color of the water after the first wash of your jeans pants – for sure it was inky blue. So, because of this coloring of the fabric, it can not be wiped with aggressive means with a bleaching effect. You may remove the lacquer, but in its place will be a bleached stain, which is unlikely to please you anymore. So before you start treating your jeans with anything, try the product on the wrong side, in an inconspicuous area.

First, moisten the varnish stain with sunflower oil. This will help to scrape away lacquer residue. Only do it carefully, so that the clothes are not left in scratches and puffs. Then act depending on the material of manufacture of jeans: if you have them made of pure cotton, use a petrol-clay mixture, and if there is an admixture of Lycra – ammonia-salt.

There is also a universal mixture: mix alcohol with shavings of gray soap, warm the mass a little and treat the stain with a sponge.

How do you remove dried varnish?

It is, of course, more difficult to do than to wipe a fresh stain: the varnish is already thoroughly embedded in the fibers of the fabric and will not want to part with them. However, use the following algorithm of actions, and maybe you will be able to save the thing.

First, turn the thing inside out. Take a piece of pure white cloth, fold it in several layers. If there is no such cloth, use disposable paper towels. Place this lining strictly under the stain.

Then drop a drop of acetone or acetone-containing nail polish remover. Use a syringe or dropper to gently handle it. Apply the selected product, drop by drop, over the entire surface of the stain until it is completely gone.

Rinse the spot with water. Place a cloth or paper towels over the spot again. Blot away any excess varnish with a cotton pad soaked in solvent. Repeat the procedure until the sponge stops staining.

Now take the thing, soak it in ordinary laundry detergent, and then wash it in a machine or by hand. Rinse thoroughly. Dry it outdoors to get rid of the chemical smell.

How can I remove a stain mark?

If after all the above-mentioned manipulations, the stain from nail polish is not gone completely, and the trace remained, try to use a couple of other proven methods.

Oddly enough, you can help your insect repellent. To clean the fabric from a varnish stain, spray it with the selected spray. Next, soak an unwanted toothbrush in the product. Rub the stain well until it dissolves, then rinse under running water. Wash in a washing machine, adding stain remover like vanish.

Soak a sponge in ethyl alcohol. Soak the varnish stain, then start scrubbing it in a circular motion from the edges to the center. Do this from the back, and put a piece of white cloth on the front. After the streaks disappear, wash the thing in the washing machine on a normal washing mode.

What shouldn’t you do?

It is clear that if the thing is beloved and expensive, you will want to save it by any means. However, you should not rush into extremes and try to clean the lacquer stain with everything that comes to hand. First, find out what kind of fabric the piece is made of. What is good for cotton is not good for synthetic. So, what you should not do in the fight against nail polish stains on clothing.

If nail polish got on a leather or suede thing, do not use any solvents.

If as a “savior” you have chosen white spirit, remember that it can provoke allergies: wear rubber gloves and a face mask, and keep antihistamines on hand.

Under the influence of hydrogen peroxide a bright thing can fade, and in place of a stain from varnish will remain just a pale spot.

If the fabric is very capricious – silk, velvet, organza – do not use any aggressive means. Try to remove the stain with the most gentle methods.

By no means, use vinegar and citric acid. These aggressive means can not only fix the stain on the surface, but also increase its brightness.

So, all possible means are tried out, but the stain or trace of it remains. It is a shame. So, what now, like in the commercials, to send the thing into exile to the cottage? Do not rush to do this. If the thing is really very dear to you, maybe it makes sense to use the services of a professional dry-cleaner. You will spend a small amount, but get a clean and beautiful thing.

If you don’t want to go to a dry cleaner, then try the alternative: disguise the stain. Yes, yes, exactly disguise it: sew a beautiful patch, make an original appliquéing, pin a brooch in the end. Now is the time when such author’s details in clothes look very stylish and modern. Match the pattern to your style and wear your favorite thing further.