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How to quickly dry regular nail polish at home

Beautiful and neat nails – the dream of any girl. But how not to spend hours on it and enjoy your manicure? We have tried to collect for you many simple but effective ways to save your time and nerves!

Apply thin layers. The golden rule of any manicure – the thinner the layer, the faster it dries. You don’t need tons of polish on your nails, especially since there is no guarantee that thick layers last longer. It’s more like the opposite. In this option, there is a very high risk that the thicker layer will peel off at all.

Let dry after each layer. If you decide to apply several coats of varnish, you should not do it without a break. Allow one coat to dry for at least one minute. Ideally, of course, you should give the varnish 2 minutes, but if you can’t help it, one will be enough.

Cold temperature. Quickly dry, the polish on the nails will help cold temperature. In winter, you can open a window and stand for a couple of minutes in the fresh air.

An effective way is to collect a container of cold water and immerse your hands in it for a couple of minutes. In no case, do not do this under running water, because then you can damage the coating. How to properly perform this procedure? Cover your nails with nail polish and let them dry for 2-3 minutes, then dip them into cold water. It will not be superfluous even to add ice cubes. Keep in water for about 3 minutes. Take it out and enjoy a great manicure.

Choose light colors of nail polish. This will be a revelation to some, but lighter colors of nail polish dry much faster. It’s all about the fact that dark colors contain a lot of pigment, so they take longer to dry. What’s the best option? Translucent, pearlescent and metallic shades dry much faster, you will save a lot of time.

Oil your nails. A simple tip – apply a couple of drops of any oil on your nails. Even regular baby oil will work great. Wait a couple of minutes and gently remove it. This simple trick strengthens the nail polish and allows your nails to dry quickly.

Use nail polish drying drops. These products have an oily formula and help speed up the process, plus they don’t change the color of the nail polish.

Get a quick-drying varnish. Another way to avoid any agony is to use a quick-drying varnish. Just two swipes with a brush, and you have the perfect manicure.

Refrigerator polish. You’d be surprised, but this method really works. All you have to do is put the polish in the refrigerator before you apply it. Not only does cold varnish lay down well, but it also dries faster.

How long does nail polish dry?

It depends on many factors, and primarily on what kind of polish you use. But on average, you’ll need between 1 hour and 2 hours for your manicure to dry completely. All this is assuming that you have applied a base, two coats of nail polish and a finishing coat. That’s why experts recommend getting a manicure just when you have a lot of free time.

Although many products allow you to dry your nails in 5-15 minutes.

There are other factors that affect how to quickly dry the nail polish.

The perfect manicure. Before coating, the nail plate should be well polished, then the nail polish lays down much better and dries faster. It is also important not to keep your hands in water for too long, so that the plate does not accumulate unnecessary moisture. Then, the lacquer does not lay down well and takes a long time to dry.

The temperature in the room should be medium or even cool. Alas, varnish does not like high temperatures and is very reluctant to dry in hot weather.

The coating must be of high quality, because this also affects the drying time.

For how long dries nail polish 1 coat? You will need at least 2 minutes! Ideally, about 5 minutes is enough. Provided that you followed all the above conditions. But to dry two layers, you will need about 10 minutes, and three layers about 30 minutes.

Why nail polish doesn’t dry

There can be many factors why you can’t get your nail polish to dry quickly. Let’s break down the most basic ones.

Old, unusable product. You only need to use quality and tested polishes with a good expiration date. An expired product not only does not lay down well, but also does not dry at all, making you nervous.

Incompatibility with the base. If you use a base and your nails don’t dry well, you may be talking about incompatibility between the nail polish and the base. Try a different base.

Lacquer is too thick. Such products do not lay down and dry well, and it is better to dilute them before use. There are special thinners, or you can use clear varnish as a thinner.

Too thick layers. Another reason is the application of varnish in a thick layer. We have already written above that it is better to apply thin layers, then you will save not only time but also nerves.

Lacquer on the basis of acetone. Very often, unscrupulous manufacturers add acetone to the composition of the varnish. Such a product not only dries badly, but it also comes off in one or two days. In this case, change the varnish.

How to dry the primer on the nails

If you give preference to gel nail polish, you have often wondered – how long does the nail primer dry and how to dry it?

First, it depends on the primer itself. Do not be lazy to read its instructions and find out everything exactly. The manufacturer will certainly indicate all the necessary information.

Remember that the primer dries in just one minute, so in most cases there is no point in using a lamp.

dry nail polish

Can the lamp dry the regular nail polish

Can a nail lamp dry regular nail polish? Alas, no. No matter how much we would like it, and it would definitely simplify the whole drying process, but it is useless to dry regular nail polish this way. Why? To answer this question, you need to study the composition of the varnish. You will definitely find the solvent in it. What role does it play? Due to the evaporation of the solvent the varnish dries. The lamp can not affect the evaporation process, and therefore the drying time will not change. So it is better to have patience and time!

Can I dry nail polish with a hair dryer?

The good news is that to dry the nail polish quickly, you can use a regular hair dryer! But it is important to choose the right temperature for this! You can not dry nail polish with hot air! For this purpose, you can only use cold air. We direct a cold stream of air on the nails for 2-3 minutes. As an addition to this procedure, you can also then dip your nails in cold water.