nail stickers
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Transferable nail stickers: types, how to glue, how to make at home

Not every girl has the artistic talent to create drawings on the nails, and constant visits to…

acrylic nails
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Ways to remove acrylic nails at home

Useful information will not hurt anyone, especially when it comes to the topic of how to remove…

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How to care for and clean acrylic, gel and design brushes

Masters of manicure, perhaps, it’s not necessary to tell how important it is for their work to…

nail polish color
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The choice of nail polish color, combination with clothes

Which manicure color to choose, depends on the skin tone, the event, the time of year and…

foil on gel polish
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How to apply foil on gel polish: step-by-step instructions with a description, technique

Today, a beautiful and high-quality manicure can be to every girl. Even if there is no money…

manicure color
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Manicure color

What can the color of a manicure tell you? Are there hidden motives in what shades you…

nail polish
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Nail polish: types, which is better, how to use, manufacturers

Nail polish is a colorless or colored solution consisting of a plasticizer, polymer, pigment and solvent. Uniform…

nail prosthetics
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Nail Prosthetics: how to get nail to reattach to nail bed

Nail prosthetics is the replacement of the missing part of the nail plate or reinforcement of its…

dry nail polish
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How to quickly dry regular nail polish at home

Beautiful and neat nails – the dream of any girl. But how not to spend hours on…

remove nail polish
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How to remove nail polish from clothes?

Nowadays, few women will go out “in public” without a neat manicure and painted nails. Some people…